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July 29, 2007



Ca-razy! But I laughed at the quotation!

Mel Steffor

I enjoyed your story about locking the Pastor out. :) Now the reason I came here is that God has an important issue. Please read and pass it along. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . The message is this:
In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. Yes, God has recently made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. OH, one more point of interest. Did you know that Mike Douglas died on his birthday? And a second point, You can't take the Keys away from Jesus or me. Mel Steffor

Mel Steffor

In the summer of 2007 God gave me this message:
We each die in succession, then we are born on the same day.

Mel Steffor

"The second coming of God is at hand". Take heed and make note, God has returned.

Mel Steffor

Correction: To the meaning of First is Last and Last is First. It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First. Sorry for the error. God talks in symbols and opposites at times so it takes time to figure out what he is saying. Some of his messages are clearer than others, plus they have multiple meanings.

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