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August 20, 2005



Just wait until you go to the doctor's office and he's younger than you. Very disconcerting, that. Same with your preacher. Weird.


One day I was talking to my son about music and used the word "record." He looked at me in all seriousness and asked what a record was. I was dumbfounded, and did my best to stammer some explanation. There are satisfying moments tho, like recently, when teen son was listening to his cool 70's music, which of course is so much cooler than anything out there today. A Doors song I believe, and his mother started singing along with the chorus. This time he looked at me with HIS jaw on his lap, partly cuz he thought I had been a "good girl" who never listened to wild rockers. Later I overheard him in conversation with a friend saying incredulously, "She even got the intonation right!" ("Bye Byyyye-ye! Bye Byyyye-ye!) I felt pretty cool--I still have a few things up on 'em...


I didn't even know that they still made tang! Hey jeff did you ever remember getting a little plastic moon rover on the side of the tang bottle? That was so cool! aaahhh 1973...

Man I loved those things...my Land Rover can take your Land Rover any day...

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